A New Workspace is a Happy Workspace!

One of the MUST haves of our new home, was a functional office since I work from home! But 10 months into living in the house, the “Office” was my workplace… as well as the storage room, the “I’ll get to it later” room and the “just put it in there” room. The other bedrooms already had bedroom sets and the rooms had a distinct … Continue reading A New Workspace is a Happy Workspace!

Check this off the “To Do” list… Central Air & Heat

California has some of the best weather year round… Our summers are never too hot. And our winters are never too cold. Which I guess is why a lot of older homes don’t have central heating and air conditioning… but unlike our predecessors from the 50’s and 60’s – We are millennials and need air conditioning to survive. Now before you call me a big … Continue reading Check this off the “To Do” list… Central Air & Heat

It’s feels good to step outside!

When being outdoors is one of your favorite things – having a backyard of your own is a dream come true! We are six months into our first home and our outdoor living space finally feels like an extension of the inside! We finally decided on a patio set that felt warm and inviting but also doubled as a lounging and dining space. And because … Continue reading It’s feels good to step outside!

Call The Leasing Office… 

For anyone reading this with a landlord, leasing office or leasing agent – enjoy it while you can! There are hundreds (if not thousands) of benefits of owning a home – but being the plumber, maintinence man, gardener and housekeeper is exhausting! Going on three months in our new home, we are really proud of the work that we have done! From updating the windows, … Continue reading Call The Leasing Office…