Make a Detour Your Next Destination!

This week I was suppose to be down in Palm Springs for work – but my workload at home derailed those plans. Instead I’m playing catch up and getting balls rolling on new projects. And while I’m happy to have the extra time at home, I do miss the chance to escape into Joshua Tree just a small detour from the Palm Desert. Growing up … Continue reading Make a Detour Your Next Destination!

Enjoying Island Time on Dauphin Island

I am a strong believer in making time for yourself and keeping family close. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that my cross country road trip peaked surrounded by new family and new adventures in a new place! Packing up the car and driving from California to Alabama may not be for everyone – but to me it meant that I could bring along our … Continue reading Enjoying Island Time on Dauphin Island

Deep in the heart of Texas!

One of the joys of working from home, is often changing where “home” is. Anyone who has been following my blog or social media posts have probably realized that I don’t like to sit still for long – and changing up my workplace is a reoccurring theme. Not too long ago I had the opportunity to piggy back on someone else’s business trip by joining … Continue reading Deep in the heart of Texas!

Appreciating Earth – Today and Everyday (especially on Earth Day)

We live in the beautiful state of California – where we have gorgeous beaches, spectacular mountains, rolling hills and more outdoor adventures than you can count. But none of that actually counts, unless you take advantage of it! It’s hard to find time to be adventurous and take time to disconnect – but it’s not impossible with strategic planning and sticking to tight schedules. In … Continue reading Appreciating Earth – Today and Everyday (especially on Earth Day)

Santa Clause then Santa Cruz

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Holiday Season – but today I needed to replace peppermint and pine scents with the fresh outdoors and turn down the Christmas music to hear the soundtrack of the oceans crashing against the shore. Living in San Jose puts us at the base of the Santa Cruz mountains and just minutes from the California Coast! This year I … Continue reading Santa Clause then Santa Cruz

Diving Deep (Ellum) into Dallas!

Not all of my travels land me on mountain tops, deep into canyons or underwater. Some of my more domestic travel bring me to new cities which can be equally as exciting – without needing a packing list (or icy hot). I frequent Dallas Love Field airport multiple times a year – and I’m no stranger to Dallas Forth Worth International Airport either… But earlier … Continue reading Diving Deep (Ellum) into Dallas!