Kona, Hawaii – Turtle Time!

Being on the West Coast, we have easy access to a ton of beaches… but sometimes it’s fun to venture farther away from home to explore new beaches and frontiers just hours away.

I’ve always had a love for Hawaii… It could be because of the family I have there, growing up close to my Grandmother who was born and raised on the island or the islands opportunity for adventure. I’ll say it’s a combination of those reasons – either way Hawaii ranks pretty high on my favorite places on earth (including middle-earth for those of you that have experienced Hobbiton).

Recently airlines have been offering new direct flights to the islands, and when we found direct flights to Kona – an island we haven’t been to yet – it was an easy CLICK and we were booked to experience the “Big Island” for the first time.

There was so much to see and share that this post is just going to be my “WOW” post…

“Kona.. WOW…”

That pretty much sums it up.

But my absolute favorite part of our trip was getting to swim with the green sea turtles – natives to Hawaii and a local staple of the island and culture.

Arriving into Kona, you see turtle stickers, turtle stuffed animals, turtle candy, etc… I really thought it was a gimmick… Until I took my first dive into the crystal clear teal waters of the island.

I had read that the island was known for its diving, so I packed my fins and goggles excited to get in some swimming and sight seeing underwater. But my expectations were blown away and diving experiences redefined minutes after I hit the water.

I can’t really even put into words how amazing it was to see these larger than life creatures effortlessly floating through the water and totally at calm and peace while idiots with GoPro’s gawked in awe of them swimming (Hi, I’m that guy), eating and just living their best turtle lives.

Check out the highlight reef from my (many) dives on my Vimeo Channel:

Or check out the Cliff Notes version on Instagram TV (IGTV):

Looking forward to sharing more from this trip with you! And if you’re a Kona expert, please let me know what we can do next or your favorite places to dive on the island! This was our first Kona – and it won’t be our last!