Make the best of the weekend…

When work is part of your career it can take you to some pretty awesome places… and when your spouse travels for work too – you might get lucky and tag along when work takes them to exciting locations!

Recently, we took advantage of a conference in West Palm Beach, FL and made the BEST of our weekend!

If you get the chance to visit Naples, FL – jump on the opportunity! It wont be one you regret!

Our mini-vacation started on Friday afternoon with meeting up with a great friend for a sunset cruise. Our friend knew all of the right things to see, do and pack for the boating experience. She had snacks, wine and everything you needed to kick back, relax and unwind after a crazy work week (like the best grapes I’ve ever had).

Being on the water was the place to be! The pelicans weren’t shy at all and made an aggressive grab for anything that might be a tasting treat.

We were blessed with calm waters and a picture perfect sunset…

And aside from the beautiful sky – touring the local islands and seeing the spectacular homes was a lot of fun – and unreal to see how “the other side” lives, haha.

The next day we were up bright and early for an exciting jet-ski tour of Marco Island where the locals had no problem letting their presence be known…

Our adventure guide gave us a great history lesson on the history of the islands, architecture and community.


I don’t think I have ever been so close to a dolphin in open water. Our guide was an expert on the territory and took us to all of the best coves and sites to see beautiful birds, interesting plants and even more dolphins!

And to finish the day, we spent the afternoon getting a bite to eat at a locals lunch spot (always trust the locals) before kicking back and enjoying the company of great friends and the beautiful day.

One of my favorites parts of the trip was catching up with this little dude! As adults, we don’t get many chances to play tag on the beach and building race tracks in the sand – so when the opportunity pops up, take it!

And as a millennial I’m required by law to post a picture of my food, post an inspiring quote with every sunset picture I post – or -randomly do a handstand and nag my friends to take the picture… so here’s to getting another stamp on my millennial card!

And I’ll save you the inspiring quote – just appreciate the point of view. It still blows my mind the number of colors and changes that happen in the last minutes we share with the sun before it’s gone forever (…so that was a bit dramatic, but you get it).

Living in California, I love the weather we have and the beauty that surrounds us. But it’s amazing to experience other corners of the world (or the country). Spending time with friends (and each other) is a gift we don’t take for granted – but getting two beautiful sunsets like these is the icing on the cake and a reminder how great life truly is.

Sometimes you get a week off… other times you have a Friday night to Sunday night before you have to get back to work. It’s doesn’t always have to be most amount of time – if you’re lucky, you can make even the smallest period of time special.

Work can be crazy and take a lot of your time, your energy and you away from your loved ones at times – so take advantage of the time you have.

Make time for family. Make time for friends. And make sure you make time for the little things… likes appreciating the sunset.