Wake up and go the extra 7,000 steps…

One of the best things about traveling (in addition to seeing new parts of the world) is getting to meet new people along the way.

On our trip to Italy we were meeting up with friends and friends of friends – which meant, new relationships and connections were bound to be formed!

After a fun filled day of exploring the local beach, taking a water taxi into the heart of Positano and dining on authentic Italian food (see previous Italy post) the first thing you want to do the next day is probably rest… But that was not the case for me and that shouldn’t come to a surprise to anyone who knows me!

Instead of sleeping off the jet-lag, I set my alarm bright and early to take on what is known as “The Path of the Gods” hike that overlooks the Amalfi Coast over Positano!


And lucky for me, a friend of a friend joining us on our Italian Adventure was brave and willing to join me that morning (Hi, Allison)!


Luckily for us, the hike actually started outside of our Villa (like LITERALLY in front of our door). But convenience aside, we still left the Villa at 6:00am to take on the 7,000+ steps waiting for us.


We even met a dog who served as our tour guide for a good leg of the adventure (he makes a few appearance in the video at the bottom of the page). I named him Doggo and he clearly knew this trail better than the two of us. We were sad when we parted ways but we loved his company and hope others get to experience his energy and quick pace!

Positano is known for its stairs… being on the coast it is no stranger to hills (and hills on hills). And this hike solidified its reputation – I lost count of how many different stairways we climbed and felt as if it was a cruel tourist trap as the staircases started to look the same.

But as they say, the greater the climb – the better the views!


The views on this hike were pretty incredible. Large yachts that we saw nestled off the coast became tiny blips of white as we made it higher and higher on our climb.


And the 6:00am start time was rough but allowed us to climb in the shadow of the mountain greeting by cool breezes and appreciate the pops of color decorating the trails through brightly colored flowers and the ruins of older homes and farms that we passed along the way!


The funniest part of the hike was greeting people along the way. Ironically, we only met other Americans! The US was well represented on this hike with visitors from Chicago, San Diego, Los Angeles, Missouri, Newport Beach, San Jose (me) and New York City (Allison).


But one of my favorite parts of this 4 hour adventure, was getting to connect and bond with my new friend (Hi, Allison – again)!

Someone who I had never met before but shared common friends with – and the more we chatted the more connections we had! I never would have expected to meet someone new in Positano visiting from New York City that knew about my North Carolina high school, shared college friends with and had such a passion for working with young people! She made the hike more fun – and even when our legs were killing us and we were out of breathe – we were in it together and bound to make it to the finish – which we did with smiles and laughter the entire time (okay, MOST of the time).


Allison, if you’re reading this – I’d gladly hike 7,000 hikes with you any day of the week!

And pretend to climb big boulders JUST to get awesome Instagram photos! haha



Just before we hit our turn around point, the sun really started to show itself and it brightened up the entire trail revealing sunning views like the ones below! Pictures can’t even do it justice…


If you ever visit the Amalfi Coast – Positano is a MUST.. And if you do make it there, please wake up extra early one day and take the Path of the Gods! I guarantee you that you won’t regret the effort – and bring a friend! Or in my case, make a new one!



And if you haven’t scrolled away just yet – here are some highlights from that adventure on Vimeo:

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