#UpInTheAir and on Another Adventure!

Travel has become second nature to me – even though “first nature” sounds more appropriate for the amount of time spent on the road and in the air. I get asked all the time “how do you get accustomed to traveling all of the time?” and the honest answer is, I don’t really know how not to.
My entire professional career was built on traveling to events, conferences and teaching opportunities – so to me, getting on a plane is just how I get to work – similar to your commute on the highway (but mine serves 6 ouch beverages of your choice and peanuts or pretzels).
And while this lifestyle isn’t for everyone, it’s my normal and I’ve grown accustomed to the #UpIntheAir life. And while the biggest reward has to be sharing my passion and enthusiasm with others, cashing in on my travel rewards and mileage is a very close (and amazing) second! 
A year of travel behind me, my travel bank of points bursting at its seems and August marking the end of the second quarter – made August the perfect window of time to take a break and cash those points in. And with one of my close friends celebrating his 40th birthday in August… a trip had to be planned!
Group Texts were created, friends and friends of friends started conversations and before I knew it we had travel dates and a destination set! Discussions seemed to run around the clock with friends sharing links to sights and sounds to experience in the different cities on our adventure, reviews of the best places to eat and drink and an endless amount of Instagram photos posted from others who have walked (posed and snapped) from our future destinations and whose footsteps we couldn’t wait to follow! 
Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 9.48.11 PM
This planning process and anticipation started months in advance, but before I knew it I was headed to SFO to board the first leg of my journey. Bags packed in advance, itineraries checked (and double checked) and time carved out for exploring, adventuring and the freedom to “wing it” and play it by ear.  So here I am, on my flight just hours from new languages, new experiences and new memories. Celebrating a friends milestone birthday is reason enough to celebrate – but an even sweeter reward is knowing every early morning flight, every delayed travel leg and every travel segment helped make this trip possible. 
Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 9.48.50 PM
I cant wait to share where I go (and what I eat) and look forward to making memories with old & new friends! Stay tuned for updates and keep sending positive travel vibes my way! Back #UpInTheAir – and I wouldn’t change it for the world! 
Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 10.02.44 PM
Fast Forward to after my adventure – Here’s how you get from the West Coast of the US to the Amalfi Coast of Italy:
Stay tuned for more pictures and videos from this absolutely amazing adventure!