Just Keep Swimming…

The one thing that always draws me in when it comes to Southern California is the Ocean…. Yeah, Disney is great and all but there is nothing as refreshing and more connected to Mother Nature than the fresh ocean water.

I’m finding my way in Northern California and I’m starting to find my go to swim spots. But if I get the chance to get my feet wet in Southern California, I take it (but if you’ve got any recommendations for open water swimming or canoe friendly bodies of water around the bay area – I’ll gladly take the rec).

Leaving the Midwest after college and moving back to the West Coast (literally the Coast) planted me in Huntington Beach, CA from 2010-2016. I loved the city, the people, the culture and most importantly the beach.

Being a (terribly slow) triathlete I loved being able to walk down the street and enjoy an open water swim. Sure, there were occasional shark sightings and open water swimming has its fair share of risks – but a morning swim is better than coffee and wakes up all of your senses (and especially when the water temps drop).

So this past week while in Orange County for work, I had the opportunity to join other ocean-centric folks who make swimming around the Newport Beach Pier a weekly occurrence – one of my favorite SoCal activities (when I could wake up early enough to make the 7:45am start)! I definitely get the commuter award, being the only person to make the swim a few times a year from San Jose – and lucky for me, this Wednesday started with the Pier Club!

Side note – if you couldn’t tell, I bring my GoPro with me pretty much everywhere I go. And swimming around the Newport Pier is no exception.

And on a recent update, the GoPro App added the ability to create “Quik Stories” from your recent pictures and videos. I’m a huge fan of this feature because it does the editing and compiling for video for you. It takes the trouble of having to “edit” and takes the drivers seat in terms of creativity. It seriously reduces the posting and time consuming process of sharing – huge time saving for “working professionals” (adult slag for someone who doesn’t have as much fun as they use too or spends more time at Sams Club than the actual Club).

But back to the point – a few minutes splashing around the Pier (and quickly recognizing that I’m not as in shape as I use to be and not remembering the pier being this long) is all I needed to feel reconnected to the ocean. And I’m glad I was able to capture a few moments on my GoPro.

Here are some cool clips I pulled from my Quick Story from Pier Club!

I’m generally pretty easy going when it comes to posting and sharing my pictures, but these clips really stood out to me – and obviously I liked them enough to share them here.

This was a reoccurring view on every pier swim. The blinding sun was a glowing reminder that it was a brand new day, and I loved how optimistic and energized I felt when I saw this site coming out of the water – an awesome feeling I love reliving through this picture.

And like a true millennial, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to take a selfie. I can’t wait for the day when we all get old and have to explain all of our grandkids that we really did have friends in 2018 – we just obsessed about taking picture of ourselves. I wonder how the conversations will go, “Daddy, why did grandpa take so many pictures with the Puppy SnapChat filters?!?” Luckily for me I take pictures of beaches and my food like other well balanced (and slightly basic) millennials (and for the record – if you don’t like the puppy snapchat filter, it’s not the filter… it’s you).

And back again to the actual point of this post – I’m glad that even though I’m 375 miles from Newport Beach Pier, life constantly changes around us, and we all get older and more boring by the day – I’m glad I can still find the time to just keep swimming and enjoy SoCals greatest gift to the world.

And shoutout to the Newport Beach Pier Club (Photo Cred: @PierClub) an awesomely random group of guys (and a female on every third full moon on even dated Wednesdays) who welcome anyone craziness enough to join them every Wednesday. The post swim coffee and donuts aren’t too bad either!

Check out my QuikStory on Vimeo:

Pier Club (Newport Beach)