Sending my love to Yosemite…

I've spent the last seven days with hours of riding in the car, early morning wake-up calls and a strenuous schedule of places to be and things to do… Sounds exhausting – but when the to do list is packed with excursions and hikes at major national parks it immediately becomes less work and more adventure!

Earlier on this adventure (which I'll share in detail later) I had the pleasure of witnessing the natural wonder that is "El Capitan" in person – the beautiful and expansive rock formation that welcomes visitors into Yosemite Valley.

This natural attraction takes your breath away and the stone seems to extend to the heavens.

We were lucky to visit the park at a slow time and had most of the trails and a lot of the attractions to ourselves. On multiple occasions walking into the Yosemite Valley meadows with no other tourists in site – and occasionally a few roaming deer.

I was so impressed with the climbers suspended hundreds of feet from the ground making their ascent to the top of El Capitan. With our feet planted in the meadows of the valley we would search for specs if color against the muted colors of the mountain to spot a climber or group of climbers making the climb. Bravely saying that I would totally attempt that climb one day (while simultaneously questioning if I had the physical and emotional strength to handle it).

I found out while leaving Zion National Park today about the rockslide that happened in the Yosemite Valley today. My stomach sank and I immediately started searching the Internet for more news.. Where did it happen? How big was the impact? And finally, was anybody hurt?

Now I'm taking a break from my adventure to reflect on the other adventures and travelers who also ventured to Yosemite Valley this week – and especially those climbing and visiting El Capitan today. I'm sending my sincerest condolences, thoughts and prayers to the climbers, visitors and now the rescue workers involved and affected.

I can't imagine the search and rescue mission that is underway in the park to find (potential) other climbers and others caught in the landslide.

Much love to Yosemite and all those affected today.