Thanks for the Memories!

The older I get, the more I value the relationships I have, the experiences I have had and the opportunities I’ve been given. So with my 33rd birthday around the corner I decided to change up the normal take on social media and wait for the normal influx of happy birthday messages (don’t get me wrong, I truly appreciate and love ANY messages I receive of my birthday – but keep reading for the good part, lol).

Random fact: The name of the blog post is also my favorite Fall Out Boy Song….

I wanted to use social media deeper than I have in the past – and since its intention was to CONNECT people, I wanted to brush up on those connections and use it to spark conversation with people I may have lost touch with and to bring back some of those amazing memories that made the past 32 years on this planet entertaining (at least from my perspective).

So this year I prompted my friends through social media to leave their favorite photo of US on my Facebook page or in a comment below my post – and it was the best Birthday Gift I could have asked for (pretty close to my new canoe and the awesome bike rack I got surprised with – can you tell I like the outdoors?!?!)

I had pictures dating back to my childhood and elementary school days popping up all day long, people texting me asking for photos from the day we met and fun college memories and I had conversations (real person to person conversations) with friends that I know I will keep for the next 33 years to come and more)! I spoke more than I texted and I laughed till I cried on multiple occasions (which makes me look like the crazy person sitting at Starbucks cracking themselves up all alone – but shout-out to Kevin at my local Starbucks for ensuring me that he made me the BEST Pumpkin Spice Latte of the day on my Birthday – I believe him #BaristasDontLie). And a special thank you to the friends who shared pictures with me offline that didn’t need to be shared publicly! =)

Thank you to everyone who made my Birthday special and went on this little adventure with me yesterday! I am 33 years old and have great friends and memories to last a lifetime! This tradition will continue – so you have 364 days to find the best picture of US!

Check out highlights from the day on my Vimeo channel:


Video Link: HERE

***Not all of the pictures showed up on this edit, revised edit coming after work today!

Thank you for letting me know! 🙂