A New Workspace is a Happy Workspace!

One of the MUST haves of our new home, was a functional office since I work from home!

But 10 months into living in the house, the “Office” was my workplace… as well as the storage room, the “I’ll get to it later” room and the “just put it in there” room. The other bedrooms already had bedroom sets and the rooms had a distinct purpose – but not the office – until now!

The one thing missing that REALLY made the Office and “Office” was a designated workplace. A functional yet aesthetically pleasing desk with storage but an easily accessible feel. I’m a self proclaimed crazy person (ask anyone who works with me regularly and they will agree…) and I like to SEE my binders, notebooks, books, awards and items I use regularly – so I “needed” a desk that met a long list of requirements.

This Sunday while driving back to San Jose from Vacaville (home of CAMPER WORLD – where we spent most of our Sunday – that’s a whole other blog entry in itself) we decided to swing through the outlet mall to avoid the Sunday afternoon traffic and we stopped into the Restoration Hardware Outlet – which was HUGE!

And against the back wall of the store was EXACTLY what I had been looking for – an open shelf, industrial looking, large workplace, tons of storage and not bad to look at desk! This desk was exactly what I had been wanting but couldn’t picture it.

And since we weren’t planning on getting such a large desk I spent a good 30 minutes measuring the desk in pieces and then mapping out how I’d make this thing fit into my (amazingly convenient and reliable – but not meant for large pieces of furniture) Toyota Rav4. Fast forward to playing Tetris with the desk pieces in the truck for (at least) 30 minutes – then we were on our way home!


Now I could finally give the office a direction and a focal point – this wall length desk will officially declare the third room Ruler of all Seven Kingdoms, Mother of Dragons and King of the North… or it would just make it the obvious office (Bad GOT joke, but I need the humor now – Night King: 1 / Daneres: 2).

My only problem now, is that ALL of the accessories and fixtures in the room (and what was inherited from not fitting in the other rooms of the house) didn’t match the grey and gold desk… #Awkward

So I could clean house and go shopping for all new decor and desk accessories – or I could put on my HGTV pants (similar to Big-Boy pants, but more color swatches and hardware) and do some creative thinking!

So I took one of gold brackets from the shelf and headed to my favorite place of all places… The Home Depot! Did you know Home Depot has nine different shades of Gold Spray Paint?!?! Well, you do now (You’re welcome)! And luckily for me, there was a shade of Rustoleum that was a pretty great match to the desks fixtures!


The majority of pieces I wanted to carry over to the new office design came from West Elm and were an awesome rustic green – something you’d imagine Frodo coming across in the Elf’ish wilderness on his journey to project the ring. #MyPrecious


These pieces were awesome and I love that they reminded me of my old earth tone themed apartment. BUT like all things, change was bound to happen – and in this case – these babies are like Michael Phelps and are Going For Gold!


The old kitchen table which was serving as my desk just hours earlier served as a great work place for my Arts and Crafts Monday afternoon! I applied the first layer during my lunch break on Monday and went back for a second coat after work. Luckily the Rustoleum paint was both a primer and paint and didn’t even need a second coat… but I’m not the best spray painter and i missed a few spots that a second attempt at painting fixed! For a spray paint I was thrilled that the Metallic color really shined and made these pieces look great!

If you plan on giving any items in your home a new life, i suggest using the Universal Paint line from Rustoleum – here is the link to the exact product that I used:

Rustoleum – Universal Metallic Spray Paint

Below you can see the gold bracket to the new desk and the similarity to the newly painted decor. They aren’t PERFECT matches – but I love that there is a variety of color, shape and to texture in all of the items I plan on working into the space!


My biggest concern with an open concept desk and workplace that would house multiple electronic pieces was the nightmare of power strips and cords…

BUT I already planned a great solution! I strategically have a wicker basket with holes on both ends that I store all of the big power/electrical components to keep them out of sight and out of mind (but not jumped together or in a place they could overheat or get too dusty and create a potential fire hazard). And under the desk I’ve mounted a larger surge protector and power strip to connect everything in one place – this is also helpful to make sure everything is OFF and saving power when I’m not home!


The top drawer of the file cabinet also has a built in power strip so I can charge my smaller devices in the drawer keeping those cords organized and out off of the workplace!

Then before I knew it, the desk and accessories started coming together just as I wanted and imagined!

Keep in mind – this is just Step 1 of the Office Reinvention – but I love the direction I’m headed! My dog clearly approves of the design!

The next steps include:

1) Painting the room a dark grey to compliment the desk color

2) Finding the perfect desk chairs – should I go with gold or find something with a pop of color to switch it up a bit? And do you think think the chairs need to match?!?!

3) Replace the few storage items that don’t quite fit the look – If you are crazy like me, you know which items are current eye sores below – but again, the goal here is functionality FIRST even if the current items fall short of a Gold placement (haha- get it… again, terrible joke).


If you have any design advice or feedback please feel free to send it my way! This project is clearly under construction and has a long way to go – but I feel like I’m taking steps in the right direction!

Thanks for following along on this journey and stay tuned for more updates to come!