This World Needs Exploring!

I am less than a month from turning 33 years old… When the hell did 30 happen and who allowed me get this far?!?!?!

When I think about the number “33” I imagine what my parents were like at this age – knowing they had two young children to take care of at this age and it blows my mind! I’m 33 and I consider it a win if I remember where I put my car keys and plugged my phone into its charger before I went to bed – I cannot imagine what it would be like to have little people dependent on me to survive… Which makes me admire my friends and family members who have kids. I admire the journey you are on – and please take notes because I’m gonna need all the help I can get when I retire my traveling shoes and put of my Dad-Shoes. Or Daddy-Shoes.. or maybe DaDa-Shoes – We’ll start there.

But like I said, parenting will happen when I put the “traveling” bug to rest – which honestly will always be a part of me. My family jokes that I got my grandfathers gypsy spirit and the need to see the world. I hope they are true. I grew up very close to my moms parents (and my dads mom too) and that is where I got my first taste of the travel bug. My brother and I would pack our bags for weekend trips with my Grandpa. Sometimes it would be to my grandparents home in Mesa, Arizona. Sometimes it would be to help him run his foodtruck out in the East Valley. Sometimes we would just go run errands with him for the day. And one summer we drove cross country to New Jersey and he taught us how to budget and save money. He literally gave us cash and a spreadsheet and told me and my brother at 8 and 9 years old that we were on the trip with him but we were in charge of our own finances. I learned more about money in that trip that I did my entire life building up to that moment – which reminds me that my brother still owes me money from that trip 20 something years ago!

But the point of this post is that I love to travel and see the world. Anyone who knows me knows that I travel more than most people would probably want to – and I have been putting great effort in a better Work / Life balance… But I have to admit I’ve been on a pretty awesome ride so far!

Recently I was vicariously living through the posts of one of my friends daughter who I watched grow up and I find myself Facebook stalking her and looking at her pictures and posts as she and her husband explore the United States. I see a lot of me in her through her excitement to find, experience and learn through her travels. I wish I was better at capturing moments and sharing them – not for social media attention or bragging rights – but to remember – and I’m jealous that she has captured so many great memories to look back on one day. In the past 10 years I have been to more countries, cities and unique places that I cant remember them all.. And it kills me to know that sometimes a single photo can bring back memories that were once lost or forgotten about!

I’m grateful that Facebook and Timehop randomly bring up old photos from years past. Sometimes to give me a good laugh, remind me of places and experiences my mind has tucked away – and most recently shared the loving and warm smiles of friends and people in my life that are no longer with us.

Part of why started this blog was to remember – so here I am – remembering!

I promised myself long ago that if I had to opportunity to travel and see something new – I would say YES now and figure the details out later – which is a decision i will never forget! This has landed me in some interesting situations… For example:

A nude waterslide outside of Frankfurt Germany…

A tropical storm on Tonga (Fijian Island)…

Accidentally walking in a 20 mile circle in Belgium with a 25 lb backpack on…

Hanging upside down from lighting fixture in Finland and getting my foot stuck…

Sipping adult beverages from tea pots at a trendy nightclub in Auckland, New Zealand…

And traveling all the way to Mount Fuji and not being able to see anything because of fog…

There are great stories behind every one of these incidents, and it might be a good thing that there aren’t pictures to look back on. But for some of them there are and I look forward having kids one day and boring them with Dad/Daddys/DaDa slideshows and “ancient” blog posts like these!

From the archives that I haven’t shared publicly – here is a quick version of backpacking trip I took to Japan in 2014! I went for a work trip and ending up tagging days on to explore Tokyo and its surrounding cities!

Adventuring & Exploring Tokyo!

And here’s to looking back to the last decade (plus) of traveling the World and exploring! These pictures remind me of amazing places, fantastic people and experiences to last a lifetime – Cheers to more adventuring in the future… and to the stories to tell my kids one day (whether they want to hear them or not)! 🙂

My first time to Australia wasn’t complete without hanging with some locals!
I randomly met up with two of my best friends in Bondi – one of my favorites days on earth!
Not sure what kind of smile this is – but Rome was amazing!
Not sure what this is, but I put this back after the picture somewhere in Key West, FL
This morning started by me waking Colby up and saying “I packed a backpack and the boat to Catalina leaves in 1 hour”
No idea where this was taken – but this picture doesn’t even begin to express my love for the ocean!
Hey Big Ben – the London Fog was in full effect!
A toast to being in Munich for Octoberfest!
Such a shameless tourist in London
The waterways in Venice!
Aoteroa means something nice in Kiwi slang.. I forgot though, lol
More bondi moments
Joshua Tree is like exploring a different planet – and the sky at night is spectacular!
Middle Earth is spectacular!
More New Zealand Adventuring!
I never met a pineapple drink I didn’t like!
Another fun moment caught on an island off Tonga!