Weekends are for Adventures!

I don’t get many free weekends… But when I do – I make the most of it! And after some homework was able to find some new dog-friendly places that our whole family could explore!

Today we woke up early and made our way North 110 miles to explore more of the beautiful state of California!

We drove two hours North to Sonoma Coast State Park and drove through Bodega Bay. This beautiful coastline drive took us past Portuguese Beach, Wrights Beach and Rock Point Beach – all with different landscapes and views of rock formations sitting just off the shore. It was a bit foggy but the views were STILL amazing!

The cliffs are rocky and make for fun exploring – the local crabs didn’t like my intrusion – but crabs are never happy. #Crabby

And Ceasar loved the water! He is fearless and drives right in. We keep him leashed per the beach rules, but honestly it’s more of a way of making sure he doesn’t go to far into ocean and waves don’t sweep him away.

We need to take him to the beach more often – he lights up and attacks each and every wave that crashes into the shore as if someone was keeping score of who “won” – and Caesar never wins the battle… Caesar: 0 / Waves: 1,00,000

After we made it pass the awesome cliffs and beaches along the Sonoma Coast we followed highway 161 along the Russian River!

There were TONS of great tuning, rafting and canoeing spots to enjoy the river and take it the stunning views of the local trees and mountains! I immediately wished we brought canoes (that we don’t own, but I’m going to buy one this year JUST for the Russian River)!

Every opening along the river we could see was packed with families and small groups either tubing, canoeing or kayaking on the (surprisingly) clear river water.

We finished our day of exploring by walking along the local trails and appreciating the gorgeous trees – not sure if this was technically the redwoods but the trees seemed to stretch up into the sky’s and the lush green canopies of leaves occasionally let bursts of light shine through making the trip feel almost magical!

Our next visit to these parts will be on an overnight trip so we can taste more of the local flavor from the packed restaurants we drove past and take advantage of the numerous wineries we drove past scattered along Highway 161!

I can’t wait to share these new found adventure destinations with our friends and family and look forward to finding even more places to explore on our next trip!

Check out some highlights from the trip here:

Adventuring in Northern California

If you know of any other awesome places in California please let me know! Always up for an adventure and look forward recommendations and feedback!