Viva Las Vegas…

This is a late post – but while heading to Las Vegas for work today I realized I didn’t post any videos or videos from my weekend in Vegas earlier this summer!

So this is a post from Vegas about a trip to Vegas that already happened… in Vegas (you get it).

I had a 24 day work trip planned in July that took me coast to coast (multiple times) and I was lucky to kick start the work trip with a little fun in Sin City with two of my favorite people (and Reba, Ricky and a Carousel of Flower Horses)!

Check out the fast forward version of the weekend via my SnapChat feed –

What Happens in Las Vegas!


The highlight of the weekend – seeing this guy see his favorite artist of all time… And being there when she told him she liked his shirt! 🙂

Take-Away’s from the Trip:

-The Wynn has horses made of flowers and I want one…

-A ton of people run the strip in the early morning, I wasn’t one of them…

-The ONLY buffet in Vegas I would voluntarily eat at is at The Wynn – it’s amazing…

-Vegas has unlimited amazing food options…

-Reba is THE queen of country music…

-Ricky Martin is super human and me likey…

-You always have to find time to disconnect to work and reconnect with your loved ones… and doing so in Vegas doesn’t hurt!


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