Take a Break!

One of the most important things I am learning as I am getting older – is to take time to enjoy life.

This is 100% easier said than done, but something I have been fighting to do especially with a demanding work and travel schedule. Not to mention a successful career is worthless if you can’t get time away to reflect, recharge and recognize how far you’ve come. Essentially it would be like building a railroad without ever taking a moment to see how far the tracks run and what an impact the train makes (not sure where the train reference came from – but choo choo). And this thing called “Life” wouldn’t be the same without your friends and family – so invest time and energy in those that are important to you. No matter how long the relationship – it still needs time, attention and consideration (don’t be a jerk – call your mom and grandparents).

So after the 54 trips here, there and everywhere this season – the light at the end of the tunnel was a trip to St. Barthėlemy (aka St. Barth) with my plus one. With every flight across country, every hotel stay and each and every site visit, event and meeting I attended I knew I was making my way closer and closer to the French Indies and to a week of disconnecting, recharging and connecting with my other half. So I basically spent 3 weeks in Orlando, to fly to California – just to fly through Florida the same week – but hey – who’s counting miles?!?!? – I am, and I flew well over 12,000 miles this month #MoreAirTimeThanJordan #MoreThanOstrichsAndPenguinsCombined  #HashtagsAreStupid

Anyway –

I kept my phone(s) off for majority of the trip so I could truly disconnect and be in the moment and experience this exciting and new experience. So instead of easily writing down my thoughts and memories – I put my GoPro to great use (since I always have it on hand anyway) and captured some clips of the adventure!

And to be honest – there are far too many great things to say about this amazing destination to put into words and my words aren’t eloquent or captivating enough to do the place justice…  But since pictures are worth 1,000 words – and videos are collections of moving pictures – I decided to share my adventure in a series of video blogs (or roughly 3 billion words if the equation holds true).

Go ahead and check out some of our adventures as we took on St. Barths. GoPro is truly a game changer in action video, device accessibility and function – but they just made editing videos and sharing content even easier with their GoPro Quik app (now it may have been around a while – but I just discovered it and I’m having Christmas in May)!

GoPro – If you see this, I’m totally open for sponsorships (and shameless attention seeking), my last name is GOTO and a GOTOPro would be pretty sick… Just saying. #MyDogThinksImFunny #HashtagsAreStillStupid

Some key facts to know before you embark on the roughly 11 minute and 33 second video play by play:

  • Barth is French Territory and is only 8 miles long
  • Only puddle jumpers can land on the island so you have to travel through St. Martin to St. Barth
  • The roads are tiny and our Bright Orange Smart Car (aka The Orange Blossom) was very popular with the locals
  • No crabs, snakes, goats, cows, iguanas, turtles, alligators or fish were harmed in the making of these videos – but all played a part in the filming (I never actually saw the alligator – think it was just a gator shape log that conveniently went underwater because it was camera shy )
  • There are about 14 different beaches on the island
  • Nudity is prohibited on the island – but there are nude beaches? #RulesAreMadeToBeBrokenNaked
  • The food and restaurants are amazing (future foodie post on its way)
  • We did a lot – but still have a bucket list of to do items next time we visit the island
  • JoJo Burger is the place to be… Because everything closes from 2pm-7pm

I am excited to find time to put ALL of the footage together so I can share a more intimate and candid video with family and loved ones – what you are seeing here are the cliff notes of the trip (I’m new to this blogging thing and quite frankly – Ya’ll don’t need to know all my business anyway, lol).

Hope you enjoy these short videos and feel free to comment and share your travel feedback and recommendations (like the Natural Pools by the Grand Fond?!?! Total locals secret I took advantage of).  Thank you for following along in my recent journey and kudos to those of you with a solid work/life balance – I’m always taking advice and wisdom from those with experience!

St. Barth – Island Hopping

Puddle Jumping from St. Martin to St. Barth! Love the small plane experience!

St. Barth – Anse Des Flamands

I love swimming and snorkeling – especially when the natural wildlife come out to play!

St. Barth – Anse Du Grand Columbier

The crystal clear water and beautiful underwater locals made this a perfect day!

St. Barth – Gouveneur, Grand Saline & Shell Beach

The beaches are amazing but what is under the water is way more impressive!

St. Barth – Grand Fond Natural Pool Hike

THIS was well worth the hike! I love Mother Natures little secrets!

NEW VIDEO: Didn’t get this video up when I made the original post – but no worries and no more sleepless nights – Here it is!

St. Barth: St. Jean, Grand Fond & Petit Cul-De Sac

This post is for my workaholics who are passionate about what they do – but make sure to be passionate about love and life as well! Cheers to Adventuring and finding people/person who are always game to see the World!

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