Two (Green) Thumbs Up!

Moving into our first home was the catalyst to a lot of things: Learning how to fix things when they break, realizing Home Depot is a toy store for adults and not just enjoying but really appreciating a “home” cooked meals.

For the first time in my life (when I am home) I am eating more meals at home and learning how to prepare a diverse menu of meals – and focus on clean and healthy eating (please disregard the past 12 days of meals on Disney World Property).

And to sound like a total hipster Californian – you really start to appreciate a good farmers market and fresh produce! One of the simple pleasures of living in California is finding fruit stands along the coast – and you know we bring our own reusable bags with us so we are always ready to stock up on fresh strawberries or avocados! And it’s shocking how different naturally grown produce can taste compared to “organic” purchases at big box stores – and is anyone else freaked out that there is an organic section of produce at the grocery store?!?! Aren’t they all organic?!?!?

But cooking and eating healthy starts to add up which does not work well when your budget is being gouged with home improvement projects! Eating healthy is a hard choice to make when a McDonalds Double CheeseBurger is only $1 and that’s the same price as one Bell Pepper… (Speaking of McD’s Doubles, am I the only person who actually gets a craving for a McDouble and an Ice Cold McDonalds Coke?).

So – to put our green thumbs to the test we finally struck ground on our very own produce garden! And by “we” I mean someone (😊)  surprised me and did all of the work and I came home to two above ground gardens in vintage bourbon/wine barrels! Not only do we like fresh produce – we like Burboun and Wine so the barrels fit our personalities (now if only we could grow bourbon…) Regardless, I am so excited to see our cucumbers, bell peppers and tomatoes grow and add to the greenery of the backyard!

Anyone have experience with growing cucumbers, peppers or tomatoes?!?!? Brand new to this gardening thing and welcoming any and all advice!

Is it weird that I really want to grow tomatoes but I don’t like eating tomato’s?
How soon till we can expect grilled peppers and cucumber salad?!?!?
Fingers crossed that these plants keep up at this pace!


If you are one of the few people who follow my blog, you may remember my fondness for the brightly colored wild flowers that have taken over the hills and trails of Northern California since the torential March downfalls we experienced. While I was gone for work, someone also dug up the entire right hand side of the yard and planted wildflowers to surprise me! I’m beyond lucky to have someone who “gets me” and knows how much the little things mean when I’m gone all the time for work.

Caesar isn’t totally sold on the idea yet – I’m not sure he gets what’s going on yet.
Under Construction – Check back soon…

And we lucked out because the neighbor to our right has a HUGE pomegranate tree that is taking off and about to bloom! Now, I have never tried a pomogranite BUT I hear they are super healthy – and now that they will be free to pick and will be hanging over our fence they will work their way into my diet!

I’ve never met a pomegranate tree I didn’t like… because I have never seen a pomegranate tree before.

Thank you for following along with us on this adventure, one to do item and surprise garden at a time!

If you have any landscaping or gardening tips, please send them my way!