Allergies are worth it…

I have always loved nature… being outside, playing in the grass, climbing trees, etc… Anything that would definitely trail dirt and mud into the house is right up my ally!

But now that I have a home and we are trying to do a lot of things on our own – like the landscaping- I am really gaining an appreciation for the art of gardening agriculture. I had no idea what the FFA and agriculture clubs did in high school but if this is it, I sure missed out! But to be fair I thought FFA worked exclusively with manure so I passed and joined the debate club instead – less messy and a different type of bull-sh*t.

This weekend I got to spend a lot of quality time with my parents who’s flew in to visit. And luckily for me they actually enjoy running around with me and exploring nurseries and the garden departments of every Lowes or Home Depot we drive by.

This post doesn’t really have a point – but I wanted to capture some of the beautiful plants, bold colors and awesome views we captured this weekend.

Just as I was taking my parents to the airports we stopped and purchased some brightly colored Snapdragons to remind us of the great views we experienced on their trip to San Jose. I lucked out and found a really neat planter I hadn’t seen before. It was a mix of grey clay and a silver paint – shaped like what I can only describe as a futuristic walnut (makes sense when you look at it).

So now I can remember my parents spring visit and our day trip to the California coast when I see these awesome flowers! 🙂