Another Day, Another Project!

We are just about 6 months into living in our “new” home and only (what feels like) 5,000 years away from completing renovations! We loved the location of our home. We loved that the footprint of the house met all of our needs. And we loved that we were able to make it ours. Can’t say we “love” the unexpected surprises and process of updating an older home just yet…

While we have been focused on the inside of the home and the backyard (damn, I love having a back yard) we were thrown a curve ball from left field… and by left field I mean the front yard. A pipe from under our home to the main sewage line under the street decided it had enough of its crappy job – so it split… Overnight we had to have a crew come in and dig up the front yard and install a new pipe, casing and access points. This was a crappy job – like, the whole process stunk – it was a sh***y situation (you get it). 72 hours later – all was back and better than ever. But it was reality check and exposed the hardest fact to swallow when making renovations on a property – not being able to SEE where the money is going. We have piece of mind know and we sure do value the ability to flush the toilet but there are less warm fuzzy feelings if you can’t see the changes happening around you.


It took three guys a day and a half to dig down into the yard to access and replace the piping.
I don’t think our neighbors appreciated the eye sore or the distinctive odor.
Atleast no one fell into the holes overnight. Caesar was ready to play Lassie and save Timmy at moment.
They say this new piping will last 50 years – and I sure as hell hope so because I never want to see it again!

But aside from the expected surprise in the plumbing, we have had some more opportunity to add some additional color and life to the backyard! We have purchased some colorful pots from Home Depot (my home away from home). But I am excited to see decorative vases and canisters being repurposed! Some of these items use to hang on the walls of my apartment in Louisville, KY while others helped me organize my stashes of Gummy Bears and M&M’s in the kitchen!

We decided to mix up the plants to incorporate some fruits and color. We don’t know much about foliage or agriculture but the tags said “Full Sun” and we can provide that as a step into the right direction. Does anyone else feel the pressure to keep plants alive once you’ve replanted them? I honestly feel like the flowers are counting on me to survive, I’ve always been told that you should talk to your plants so these plants have had a lot of communication. If they could speak their first words would be “Please don’t die.”

A little repurposing! We used some of the yards mulch and decorative stones to give these items a very outdoorsy and natural look. They look a little rough right now, I’ll post better photos once they start to grow!
We planted an orange and a lemon tree to frame the furniture. Hopefully they will take to the soil and be large enough to plant in the ground in the future!

One of my favorite things about the California weather and having our own space outdoors, is to plant succulents! In our old apartment I had two awesome little succulent gardens growing a winter storm murdered them almost overnight in the new backyard. I’m trying to earn my Succulent Merit badge back by bringing some of them back to life and bring new varieties to the yard! We found an awesome side table at Lowes and have made it the home of one of our succulent arrangements. The colors aren’t at all what we were expecting but love the variety and pallet that it is turning into!

We didn’t plan on the color scheme, but we are loving it and hope the plants keep providing inspiration through the spring and summer!

I’m bringing #GotoGrassWatch back are we now have to transition the grass from a winter rye to a spring and summer hybrid of grass. I had no idea there were so many different kinds! You can see in the photo below that we have a few darker patches that may be grass from a previous lawn that died or went dormant before we brought the yard back to life… Personally, I hate it – color blocking isn’t my thing and I’ll be happy if I can get the whole yard one consistent color! So its routine tilling, air rating, planting seed and watering again to make sure the lawn stays green and healthy for the change in seasons!


And if we didn’t have enough going on – we still had to keep making progress inside! So today we brought our contractor friend back to update more of our electrical needs and tackle more of our wish list items! As the 1952 styling had limited power outlets and lighting, we are updating more sockets to allow for 3 prong inputs! We are also brightening the place up – starting in the guest bedroom by installing a 4 corner set of LED canister lights! And since we were on a roll we decided to add a low profile ceiling fan to the room for our guests comfort as the warmer weather is around the corner!

I don’t know how anyone stays calm as people blow holes into the roof of your home – I was anxious and panicked the whole time!

And while the total bathroom reno is way down the timeline of things to do, we did go ahead and add a bathroom fan to help the airflow in that space and also provide proper ventilation for the steam and condensation that develops from the shower and sink! While the bathroom looks like a scene from Dexter or American Pscyco the only casualty we had today was an enexpected whole in the well when the measurements didn’t add up from the attic down into the bathroom – so we had to patch and spackle the hallway and will have to apply a few coats of touch up paint to hide the “boo boo” over the weekend!

I know I said that I wasn’t “loving” the process but I am really loving the results! Every project big or small, inside or outside, stinky or well ventilated the house is becoming more of our home! Excited to share the “after” photos soon and share the other projects going on here – but I felt like this was way more than enough for one post! Thank you for following along and please keep the feedback coming! I love the suggestion, the feedback and advice from those of you have who have been in our shoes!