It’s feels good to step outside!

When being outdoors is one of your favorite things – having a backyard of your own is a dream come true!

We are six months into our first home and our outdoor living space finally feels like an extension of the inside! We finally decided on a patio set that felt warm and inviting but also doubled as a lounging and dining space. And because the California temperatures drops significantly when the sun sets – we had to have a fire pit!

The furniature had to have plenty of seating for friends, it had be comfortable enough for working outside on a sunny day and it had to be a place we could kick back and even take in a siesta! Caesar has already given his two paws up approval for nap-ability.

We planted a lemon and orange tree and added some pops of color with the pots. And the added greenery helps make the space feel lived in! The concept of an outdoor rug seemed ridiculous – but it makes a big difference in the look of the space and helps define the area.

Who would have known that my favorite thing to do at home would be mowing the lawn?!?! I had no idea I could get so much satisfaction from cutting and trimming grass I thought would never grow. And apparently I planned Winter Rye grass and it’s all going to die soon, so if anyone has suggestions for the Spring/Summer seed I should be planning soon, please let me know! Now that the grass is taking off I need to reevaluate my landscaping attempts from Dec/Jan as the border I installed between the mulch and grass only looks great from a distance (the closer you get you realize I have very little experience as a landscape architect). And we need to add more trees or shrubbery along to fence for privacy and also to dress up the space a bit!

And there’s nothing better than being able to light up the grill and spend the evening cooking and hanging out under the stars – this may have only happened once, but will definitely be happening again and again soon!

We still have a lot of work to do and our vision for the backyard isn’t totally clear… but atleast we have a comfortable place to think about it and stay warm until then!

HGTV – I’m still waiting for my pilot episode! 🌱🌿🏠🥂

Crazy to think that a big open space could transform so much in a short period of time!
A little TLC, a lot of shoveling, plenty of seed, crazy amounts of rain and pretty sweet patio set make the world of difference!