Call The Leasing Office… 

For anyone reading this with a landlord, leasing office or leasing agent – enjoy it while you can! There are hundreds (if not thousands) of benefits of owning a home – but being the plumber, maintinence man, gardener and housekeeper is exhausting!

Going on three months in our new home, we are really proud of the work that we have done! From updating the windows, replacing exterior doors, new paint and of course my favorite – the backyard – we really feel like we are “home!” But you quickly realizes light bulbs die when your trying to put in your contacts. You need to update plumbing when your “hot shower” is really “warm” at best. Rugs don’t naturally stay put on hardwood surfaces (Rug: 2 / Matthew: 0). And our latest update in the series of “Now What” events – the toilet won’t flush (#YouOnlyHadOneJob)!

But University of YouTube taught me the basic engineering behind the commode and a trip to my favorite place on earth right now (The Home Depot) helped me tackle this project!

The handle on the tank is fancy on the outside but was just a combination of oddly shaped plastic parts that over time loss traction or grip on the tanks surface and wouldn’t allow the lever to rise which  lifts the stopper that allows the water  to flow from the tank to the basin (do I sound like Mario yet?!?!? Ya’ll know he was a Plumber, right?). SO – I replaced the inner hardware and upgraded the handle on the outside (all in one kit – I really didn’t do much work) and just had to connect the existing chain to the new lever – and that’s basically how I saved the planet.