New Year – New Closet! 

January 1st means a lot of things to a lot of people – but to me it’s the day before I go back to work and 24 hours of home improvements!

Today, I’m putting to use a Gift Card from my Brother, Sister-In-Law and Nieces I received at Christmas and I’m redoing my 1952 closet!

Apparently people didn’t own much in 1952 – but I need more room for clothes than is currently offered with the closets current single bar design, so it’s off to Home Depot!

But first, I had to measure the current space and make sure everything was accurate. I think the original phrase was “Measure Twice – Cut Once” but I think “Measure Twice so your significant other can’t say I Told You So” is more fitting.

I went in pretty open minded of what I wanted to do – knowing my options would multiply once I got to the store to see what was available. And ofcourse, my gameplan changed when I priced out my options and took a look at what was out there!

There are a ton of options at Home Depot – from the luxury and custom fitted designs, to the straight out of the box and into the closet… I went middle of the road with a solid and sturdy design with options to change it up in the future without much more work!
The ClosetMaid Shelf Track system had hundreds of different configuration options and looked like an easy Do It Yourself Project! In addition to four Vertical Rails, I went with two mounting bars, four bracket supports and two shelves with hanging bars for clothes!
This project required a Drill, Bolt Cutters, A Level, Measuring Tape, Drywall Screws and Small & Large Shelf Caps (depending on the Shelf used).


I didn’t want to remove the original mounting equipment in the closet, in case I decide to go back to the original design in the future, so I just removed the top shelf and hang bar.

I know my longest shirt is 36 inches tall, so I can seperate the shelves 3 feet (and can move them around thanks to the adjustable bars mounted on the back wall!

The shelves came in an 60 and 80 inch option, so I went with the 80 incher and used the bolt cutters to fit it snug from side to side giving me the most shelf and hanging space – and the new design give me double the space with the additional top rack! 

Now I have 120 inches of hanging space and shelving – DOUBLE of what the 1952 design gave me to start with! And I still have 12 inches at the bottom for storage or to throw shoes!

Replacing the closet door is next on the to do list – I would love to go with a barnyard style sliding door! But this closest is the only space that would allow a sliding door option. Do you think the closet doors need to match in all 3 bedrooms or can I make this one a barnyard door to be different?!?!

Thanks for reading and I welcome design feedback and tips and tricks if you’ve done something similar – and Happy New Year!

THANK YOU again to my Brother, Sister-In-Law and Beautiful Nieces who made this project possible! 😘❤