Yardwerk, Werk, Werk, Werk, Werk

Finally had a day off and spent it in the backyard! Owning a home means – the To Do List NEVER ends… but each task makes your house feel more like a home!

I bought a wheelbarrow today (which has been on my Wish-List for a few weeks now so I’m a very happy camper today). Shout out to my Home Away from Home – Home Depot for the large selection of wheelbarrows to chose from – who knew there were so many option???!? And believe it or not I moved 30 loads of mulch from the backyard to the front yard… and you can’t even tell because there is still so much mulch in the backyard! 

I guess this is what being an adult feels like… being excited for something you “Need” instead of something you “Want.” Either way, I’m gonna wheelbarrow this baby all over the neighborhood – or at least the backyard

Had to post a before and after, because this Thanksgiving season I’m grateful for our new home and the ability to have a place to call our own!

41 Days Ago, the first day in our new home!
TODAY – 41 days of work and finally seeing the result of our hard work! Feels good to call this place “Home” ❤️
So proud of the work we have done over the past 41 days! But the best is yet to come! Not sure what that means, but it felt appropriate! 🙂

We are still looking for furniture and landscaping ideas, so please feel free to send ideas our way!