Grow It – Then Mow It!

I’ve officially lost count of which day this is for #GotoGrassWatch but honestly – who cares – I HAVE GRASS! 

On a side note, this title could be said for our grass or my facial hair – my turnout for Movember was pretty awesome, unfortuatkry not the polished or professional look I needed for key work events this week so it had to go… #RIPmustachio (I named my mustache “Musachio” like pistachio but with a mustache).

I feel like I reached a whole new level of #Adulting by mowing the “lawn” that I planted and grew! Sure, purchasing a home for the first time was kind of a bid deal – but did I mention I have grass?!?!?
It wasn’t long till we realIzed that it was time for us to have a serious conversation… we bought a home, our relationship was going great but now we had to take the next big step – purchase a lawn mower!
Let me tell ya – if you have never shopped for a lawn mower it is very similar to buying a car. We checked out the different models, went into the search with an idea of what we wanted to spend… and of course checked the online reviews. Based on these factors – we took a chance and went with a highly rated and reviewed SunJoe “Mow Joe.” Sure, it sounds like a cartoon lawmower on a children’s show – but according to the 1,200 reviews online it was the best ELECTRIC lawn mower under $200! This was a bargain to what we were planning on spending and 1,200 couldn’t be wrong – right?

Well, turns out this little grasshopper green baby does a pretty good job! I assembled the whole thing in about 10 minutes (no tool belt required – but it builds my confidence so I wear it anyway). And it’s electric, so it has to stay plugged in, which is totally new to me. But while we are being thoughtful of the drought and concerning water, we might as well go “Full Californian” and reduce our fuel consumption and exhaust by going green (literally – its lime green). My only complaint is that the “gathering bag” could be larger (I don’t know what the correct term is and I’m not mature enough to say sack and not giggle – welp, blew that one already, haha). But this was the first time we had cut the grass and it was a little wet and well over 6 inches tall so I could just be complaining because I had to empty it six times…

I spent what felt like a month (because it was) watching the grass grow. Now that we have cut it I feel like every strand feels like it just witnessed a mass genocide… We planted the seeds, fertilized, watered and repeated the process – then without warning cut it down to size and threw away the trimmings – sounds pretty aweful when you think about it from the plants point of view… But back to ME: Now with the grass level and trimmed we can see which areas need more seed, maybe more fertilizer and can start getting all the currently rogue patches to come together to form one big litter box for Caesar Johnson!
It’s really crazy to look at before and after photos and notice the difference a month makes! If anyone has any suggestions on getting the grass to grow in the same direction or fixing the odd patterns that currently Picasso-up the design – please me know! And we are currently “stumped” (plant joke – lol) on what to do next in the backyard design wise, so please send suggestions my way!
Till next time, Friends!