Three Holes Aren’t Better than One…

Well, Saturday’s Handyman Project was a success… but it didn’t go off without casualties. And by casualties – I mean unnecessary holes in the drywall. 

The living room is now wired for cable. And the outlet is centered on the wall where we plan to (eventually) mount the TV!

So in order to wire the living room for cable, we needed to 1) Access the Living Room via the Crawlspace Under the house or 2) Access the Living Room via the Attic…. after surveying both spaces with a very mature and intelligent decision making process (Spider Count & Level of Dirtiness) I made my decision – The Attic! 

Attics are on my list of places I chose not to revisit more than once.

Luckily for us (so we thought) the electrical was wired through the attic so we figured we could follow the exisiting wiring to get the cable next to the power outlets…. FAIL! In the wall, there are multiple support beams and cross posts that have been pre wired before the drywall was put up – SO we were only able to get 1/2 way down the wall since we can’t manually fish the cable through the second hole down behind the drywall.

This lead us through a series of other attempts to drill holes and fish cables behind the drywall (hence additional holes – trust us, there are more in the attic). We have started a collection of the Ryobi Drill Sets, seems like they have a Drill Set for every project – and we almost have all of the sets (so that’s a plus, right?!?!).

BUT this made us realize that we actually only needed the cable at Eye level and didn’t need it to be ran close to the floor (similar to the power outlet) because we were planning on mounting the TV on the wall anyway!

If you ignore the hole on the left – we did a GREAT job! 🙂

Then once the cable was in the attic and connected to the living room outlet cover (which we installed behind where the TV will go) we had to connect the attic cord to the main cable source.

In our house, the main cable is on the back of the home and currently serving the cable in the master bedroom. So we had to install a splitter (basically turns one output into two)to keep the service in the master bedroom and then run the secondary line through the attic to the Living Room. 

The attic slopes down so getting to a vent was a tight squeeze.

To keep the exterior of the home as is, we chose to access the attic through the ventilation vents. We had some experience with ventilation vents before so we knew we could patch any damage we might cause.

So, the master cable line was split – the master bedroom had cable – and now the living room is wired as well! And let me tell ya, makes the place MUCH more polished than the 50 foot cable cord we DID have running from the living room, through the hallway, into the master bedroom and split from the cable in the master! 

And if you plan on working with drywall for the first time (or 5th in our case) I highly suggest you purchase a HDX Wall Repair Kit… this product should have sponsored the project with the holes we made, lol. You can get it at (you guessed it) The Home Depot!

Another weekend and another project in the books! Seriously, HGTV – when can I film my pilot?!?!?!

And if you’ve been following along… I laid the next 20 feet of border in the backyard and the overnight rain and downpour on and off all day has REALLY helped the grass! Follow the #GotoGrassWatch on Twitter – yes, it’s a thing!


Thanks for following along and I can’t wait to share our NEXT project… 🙂