Mother Nature Making It Rain & Drawling a Clear Line…

Well, the backyard shananigans continue!  And it was time for me to draw a line… in the dirt! Our grass planting process could not have coordinated any better with the recent rain! 

The before shot – with added shrubbery for color! All drought resistant plants with full sun exposure!

I’m out back breaking up the soil and planting seeds every night before it rains, and I have even gone as far as laying seed and cultivating the soil while it’s actually raining (gotta take advantage of the rain when you can – using metal tools during a storm might not have been my smartest move). 

As you may have read, we have mulch for days. Like, more mulch than Mulchtown, USA. We got 99 problems, but Mulch ain’t one… and now that the grass is taking off we needed to attemp to make this yard look like there’s a plan! 

So as the rain slowed down a bit this afternoon, I was outside digging a 6 inch ditch to lay our landscaping border to separate the mulch and the grass. I lost count at 25 earnworms and feel like I’ll have dirt under my fingernails for the next week, but it was worth it for the (almost) finished project!!

I gotta admit, I had to do this twice – because the line wasn’t straight… and even in the second attempt it’s not 100% straight (I blame Caesar Johnson who kept interrupting the dig by bringing me tennis balls to throw). But the second time, I used a measuring tape to create a straight guide to follow as I dug the “ditch.” For the rest of the project, I’ll use stakes and rope to outline the ditch I want to dig and use that to better shape the border (Thank you, YouTube for the advice AFTER I started).

Not to shabby! I’m available for hire. $1 billion a yard and be ok with me saving every earthworm I find.

I only got 20 feet outlined and have more to do this weekend, but I feel pretty accomplished. Had to re-lay the seed and cultivate the soil that I broke up, but I think the final result will be worth it!

The #GotoGrassWatch is now on day 10 (I think). And I cannot thank Mother Nature enough for providing days of rain to help make this process possible! We have been very conservative with watering the grass ourselves to be sensitive of the drought – and Mother Nature has brought the grass to life! 

Dear, Mother Nature – Thank you for the rain!!

Just wanted to keep record of the progress and share what has been keeping us busy!

Stay tuned… this weekend, I am wiring the house for cable… I’m headed to the attic and bought a drywall saw! I even bought a tool belt to make my handyman skills official! #HGTV should be contacting me soon for my own show! 

Tonights visit to Home Depot!