Landscaping – Need your advice!

So, the grass is growing faster than expected (good problem to have) and now I need to install the border to keep the mulch and grass separate.. but I’m unsure of the shape I want to use..part of the yard is already outlined thanks to the 1950’s sidewalk to nowhere. Right now there is a vague square-ish shape, but we eat the outline/border to help upgrade the look to feel more polished.

Here is what the yard look likes (be kind – these are the “Before” photos).

What shape should we use to outline the grass?!?!

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We are using the Rodesign EZ Border from Home Depot (shocker – our home away from home) to border the grass. Caesar clearly LOVES being a shopping cart dog, he just woke up from a shopping nap when I took this. #NotAmused

Let me know what you think and all ideas are welcome (we need all the help we can get)! 

And for those of you losing sleep over it, the #GotoGrassWatch continues- 5 days in and here’s the progress: