If you water it, it will grow!

Just spent the last 48 hours in Tennessee and fell in love with the rustic colors of the fall… So it was back to Home Depot after work today to get some color to “fall-up” the backyard! Caesar enjoyed his first trip to Home Depot, he even got a cookie from the cashier for not peeing on any of the isles (while no one ever gave me a cookie – I was still a proud Dog-Father)!

It’s been about 4 days since I sold my soul to the landscaping Gods and began the process of landscaping and caring for our backyard. Let me tell ya, no amount of YouTube videos, magazine articulates or expert blogs (except mine, keep reading mine) can truly quantify the amount of time and effort it takes to maintain/create a yard. But on the same hand every inch of progress made fills your emotional bucket to the rim! 

In just four days, the Pennington Annual Ryegrass we bought at Home Depot is already sprouting (they grow up so fast…)! Sure, it doesn’t look like much – but it’s OURS and WE made that sh*t happen! #GreenThumb #GardenerOfTheYear #PleaseDontDie

Check out my previous post to learn more about how I started the planting progress and what other products were used!

The last project was fixing the foundation vents (“Foundation Vent” – another term only homeowners know about and another money pit you discover only after you commit to a mortgage, lol). Had to fix these vents to prevent animals from living under the house – where they would inevitably create a colony of rebellious critters whose uprising would ultimately evict us from the home and leave us homeless (…again the rationale is extreme but I have to consider all potential risks of not finishing he project). 

If you’re ever fixing vents or using wire mesh, get gloves! This material is very bendable, flimsy and SHARP as hell (I have the scars to prove it). I used this material and Liquid Nails adhesive to keep it in place (and to protect the family from the critter revolution). The wires made the task a little difficult so I had to cut out addition mesh to close any gaps or  holes. The correct installation would have caused me to be under the house and mount the mesh from the inside… since I was only repairing a hole I stayed on the side of the vent with the lease amount of spiders and fictional creatures made up in my head that could cause me harm. If monsters live under the bed, WTF is under the house?!?! #BetterSafeThanSorry 

Next project on the “Do It Yourself” list is upgrading the garage door… and by DIY, I mean supervising the crew coming to install it and taking credit for it because we picked it out, lol. The new door and automatic opener are connected to wifi (the garage door will be wifi enabled?!?!? #YouKnowYouLiveInSoliconValleyWhen).
Which leaves my 48′ planters boxes up next on the to do list to bring more color and life to our “Work In Progress” backyard! I use to call plants “plants” and thought they either made fruit, flowers or were used to hide eye-sores in your neighbors yard. Now I’m fully aware that plants have seasons, sun requirements, drought survival ability, etc… I got my PHD in plant selection at (again at my second home) Home Depot and picked a variety of plants that will hopefully bring life and color to Chateau Caesar. Much like succulents there are awesome plants that need very little maintianece – so I went with those!

I’ll get photos up soon if the planters boxes and feel free to share your opinion! Till then, let me know what you think and please feel free to throw in any gardening, landscaping or life advice!