The Blank Canvas Backyard…

Horay!!!! We are home owners! Which means: 1) We can no longer call the leasing office to fix things when they break 2) The To-Do list is never ending and 3) We frequent  Home Depot multiple times a day… After I installed the blinds myself I have been waiting for HGTV to call me and offer me my own show (feel free to start pitching me show titles)!

My favorite amenity of this new home (drum roll please) a 4,000 square foot backyard!

We just moved into our new home and of course, it’s the first rain California has seen in Months… and not just “a scattered shower” but “let’s flood the streets and make moving extra difficult.” 

A selling point of the home was a huge backyard (pretty rare in Silicon Valley) that was totally cleared out with the exception of an odd 1960’s concrete walkway/patio. The ultimate goal is a renovation/expansion of the indoor space, a pool and magazine worthy outdoor living spaces – but since we just moved in, I’ll be happy with grass.

There was about 1,500 lbs of mulch covering the lot – which we moved by hand (shovel blisters are a bitch) to create what will be our grassy oasis (can grass be an oasis?!?!). 

 Since we are in a drought (don’t let the rain fool you) we have been very sensitive to water conservation and knew this weekends shower would help us cultivate the soil. After Saturday’s storm, we were up “bright” and early to break up the ground to hopefully bring some of the healthy soil back up to the surface (again – blisters for days). Then ankles deep in mud and soil, we spread the grass seed! We are using Pennington Annual Ryegrass – Home Depot reccomendation (Available online here).
Hours later and the yard is cultivated! 

Next step is furtilizing the ground (Didn’t realize I should have done this before I seeded – hope it doesn’t change the outcome). I’m going with Sta-Green Futilizer from Lowes which had great online reviews! 

Now grass is planted & fertilized and we let Mother Nature do the rest of the work!

If you have any landscape experience or outdoor design suggestions please send your feedback my way and comment on the blog! Even snapshots of ideas you think would fit our space are appreciated! My planter boxes are the next project and I can’t wait to plant more succulents or bamboo! Thanks for reading and please share any ideas for this first time landscaper & homeowner! -Matthew