“The Sun Trail” – Cupertino, CA

About a month ago I was having trouble sleeping, waking up with anxiety about things that needed to get done and stressing about personal issues. And I had skipped my weekly hikes because “there just wasn’t time.” Luckily I felt guilted to hit the trails anyway because our dog was the one missing out because of my lack of time. Well, 2 minutes on the trail with my mind roaming – I got us lost. So instead of getting mad, I followed the sun. Committed an uphill climb to the top. And in the process, I found a beautiful trail I had never seen before. Sure, my legs were killing me but I had a goal and took in the sites along the way. That hike changed my outlook on the week ahead. Just like the sun, I need to keep my goal in sight and know I’m on the path to get there (ok – I’m not going to reach the sun on the trail, but you get it). And just like this beautiful trail – I need to take time to enjoy the journey along the way there and recognize how far I’ve come on the “trail.” 

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